We choose sectors that carry out our vision

Alpha chooses its investments according to predefined specific criteria including the company’s promising financial lists, market size and growth, the company’s business model, and the proximity of the financial profits to name a few

The company expands its fields in accordance with global trends to position itself at eye level with the world’s biggest companies

Financial Technology Field

The world is witnessing an unequalled increase in financial technology investments with an amount that exceeds 2200% according to recent statistics released in 2018. The importance of this sector lies in it being a trend in global trade, as well as that it...
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Educational Technology Field

In every society, educational technology plays a role in setting a strong base which makes it vital to progress on. The Saudi Kingdom included this field in its Vision 2030. As our country develops, this field grows too and broadens the amount of...
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Food and beverages Field

Alpha has been investing in food and beverages since 2016 and has become one of the most prominent and leading companies in the market. Due to the consumer focus in this field, profit margous are high. Alpha is a commission agent to OSHEE,...
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Vehicles and Equipment Field

Interest in this field stems from its financial growth globally,With companies in this field among the most competitive globally.  This stems from a desire to expand and diversify the fund to cover every field ensuring valuable profits.
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Renewable Energy Field

The global competition in this field is intense and surging, since it is one of the most promising future investments. It is the main field to be targeted by sovereign funds. The Saudi Kingdom is heading to this field in its development projects...
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Real Estate Field

There’s no investment fund or company that lacks interest in real estate since it guarantees risk management and cash flow. Real estate continues to be the most reliable and generous investment in the long-term if we look at the constant profits or value...
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Real Estate Development Field

In a booming market real estate makes up more than 15% of local production. Real estate development boosts the local economy, as architectural marvels give an impression of trade power and attract foreign investment. The profit and growth of real estate development are...
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