Alpha’s journey

Alpha Investment Company was founded in 2016, Saudi Arabia where it is headquartered, to be a reference point for bold and distinctive investments fueled by great ambition and capability. Hence, it was launched with major shares in several local and global companies.

The company has built up a valuable experience in real estate development since it was founded and has worked on many projects locally in this field. Alpha maintains a strong focus in this field of investment.

In addition to that, the company broadened its interest to keep up with global progress. It’s undeniable that technology is dominating the educational and professional fields. Hence, it has become vital to invest in it.

Alpha’s interests go beyond this and covers:

Our Vision

To pioneer high potential investments and create a benchmark others strive to achieve.

Our Message

We are a holding company focused on the fastest growing sectors that promote quality of life in each field of investment. We also endeavor to create job opportunities for those who share the same aspirations. The group is also eager to obtain rewarding profits through sustainable investments in communities.