We Have Full Confidence in Our Investments
We invest in Human Capital and technology to achieve our local and global aims.

What is Alpha?

Alpha Investment Company, founded in 2016, is one of the most prominent Saudi family investment funds which owns several local, regional, and international investments. Get to know us

How does Alpha invest?

Alpha is a visionary company focused on diverse sectors and fields of investment, to build towards the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
Starting locally, Alpha aims for international expansion to grow it’s presence globally.
The company has investments in various fields such as technical, educational and industrial fields. Making these investment promising and pioneering.
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What does Alpha hold?

Alpha invests in companies specialized in specific fields and holds controlling shares in them. We have full ownership of most businesses we invest in, with majority shares in the remaining.
Alpha leaps at promising opportunities pioneering new development fields.
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What distinguishes us?

We calculate every step we take and evaluate its long-term outcomes and effects on our established reputation. Hence, we value the quality of our investment and not the quantity. We aim to compete with the best, Achieving our vision of striving towards local and global excellence.

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Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Olaya Towers, Tower B, first floor Info@alphainvestmentco.com